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The donation made to L2Retail using PayPal is a voluntary action and a time for the improvement and maintenance of the server. Awards gived to those who have donated, as a "thank you" for your continued support to the server. These awards, which are present only during the "Gaming", does not alter the balance of the game. You will not become stronger than other players, you can not have "weapons / armor / jewelry / upgrades / levels" in exchange of a voluntary donation. The awards that you would get, will be chosen by the person who made the donation directly and only during the "Gaming" and will consist only in "materials", "Fashion Items" and "Cosumables" that can still be "collected" by any player during the "Gaming" even without making a donation. Is possible to have Premium Account for a faster level rise, in a specific period

By sending a donation via paypal to L2Retail we agree to the terms presented in the 6 following instructions (A - F).

A.  Donations are non-refundable.
B.  You cannot open dispute on your paypal account for a voluntary donation.
C.  Do you realize that this is a voluntary donation, and be a non-refundable donation.
D.  Understanding the concept "donation" and "voluntary", and accept all the rules above (paragraphs A and B): Donation: an act or instance to submit something as a gift, grant or contribution. Volunteer: Adjective - made, led, taken, etc., of their own initiative or by free choice.
E.  If you do not agree to these terms, or you can not accept or honor these rules, do not send any donations.
F.  Is no possible to replace the awards.

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If you have account in game, remember to login before to make donation!




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