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Is not allowed external programs and / or different from the game client (so called BOT).
Is not allowed personal insults and / or disputes between users.
Is not allowed offenses to institutions or religions of any kind they are.
Apart from the large faculty and right to discuss such topics, they should be avoided in a sarcastic comments, sacrilegious and / or smear.
Is also prohibited racism and every apology of the inferiority or superiority of one race over others.
Is prohibited attitudes and / or blatantly hostile dispute positions against directors, moderators and other users of the forum and incitement to non-compliance with these rules, in order to destabilize the normal and serene active participation in the forum.
Is not permitted to publish and/or require serial codes for commercial software, links to warez sites containing material that violates copyright.
Movies, pictures and obscene and offensive links, even sexually, the sensitivities of individuals.
Such material will be immediately edited or removed at the discretion Administration.
Is 'forbidden to deal with subjects not fit the spirit of the forum, that is contrary to good taste and decency or otherwise able to offend the sensibilities of other users.
Is forbidden to conduct wars of opinion of any kind.
Banned the use of the forum for the purposes of propaganda and proselytism
Is not allowed to open voids contents and useless topic (spam).
Netiquette rules
Write in capital letters is considered SHOUTING.
Is not allowed to post the same topic of discussion in several forums (crossposting).
The titles of the threads should always be summary or prompting the subject matter.
These are simple rules that bring order to the forum, and as a result, easy READING.
Notes on punishment
Users who break or will not respect in any way any of the above rules may be passable to Jail (temporary suspension account, typically from 3 to 15 days depending on the case) or Ban (permanent suspension).
Proceeding with the registration at the forum said the regulation is accepted in all its parts by the user who registers.
The regulation is periodically updated, so as to better adapt its contents and evolution of the forum, if possible, ensure the best use of the forum users that use it.
Any change included the regulation is automatically accepted by registered users, subscribers even in the period before the last change.
We encourage you to periodically check for new rules within the forum rules.
Avatar and Signature (sign) 
For easy reading and not to burden the forum, the signature (signatures) are limited to 15 characters. It's not allowed add pictures.
In the avatar is forbidden to use images of politicians or otherwise explicable characters to ideologies of any kind, national and foreign, of any age. And also forbidden to use obscene images, of whatever nature, that may disrupt and / or offend common sensitivity of users, you can't use avatars and signature with references to other forum users without their permission.
The work of the moderators is final and can only be judged by the administrators.
It is possible to ask for an explanation in private, not using the public space of the forum.
Any comments should be sent by e-mail or through private messages Forum (pm).
ATTENTION-> Will be immediately closed and deleted every thread containing the subject of dispute arguments in polemic.
For those who would insist on this attitude on will be required at the administrators to ban the account from the forum  and will be removed from the game all accounts of which has (also possible in the "co-ownership" account).
You are asked to present yours complaints in private because public topics overtly polemical does not help to maintain the climate of constructive discussion, also out of place or unnecessary interventions of other players not interested or involved in the discussion.
Moderators and members of the forum will be fully ready for dialogue, if sought in the above forms (via email or private messages) to try to clarify any doubts and perplexities.


It is one thing to post complaints, one thing is flaming.
Is considered unreasonable or flame any complaints once the sole purpose of annoying other users. A post that contains flame can be immediately deleted.
This regulation can 'change at any time so it may want to re-read it periodically.

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