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In order to play in the server you need to register and download the game client. The L2Retail server was created with L2J platform (based on the Java language) and have not been used languages which only NCSOFT owns (the so-called Server ripped L2OFF). Any changes made to the Client, are made in a personal and with their own will, and L2Retail disclaims any liability. Good Gaming to all !!
The L2Retail private server uses the latest technology of hardware to assure that aren't lags or network problems between the server and the players. All server’s rates were build based on experience and suggestion of players that have played a lot of private Lineage II Servers.

Features present in server like, TvT Events, Wedding Priest, Limited GMShop, NPC Buffer, Global Gatekeeper, Custom NPC, Premium Account, InGaming DropCalculator, Rewards for vote, Vitality system, Offline shop, AntiBot System, Ddos Protection,  Backups Daily, Rewards for clan transfer, Geodata and all area/quest fixed, achievement system and other innovations that make the game enjoyable!



Rate High Five  

  • Xp                       = x5                 Prime Shop
  • Sp                       = x5                 Global Gatekeeper
  • Party Exp / SP    = x2                 Offline Trade
    Pet Exp               = x5                 Auto Learn Skills
  • Exp lvl Difference = 10                Vitality System
    DropAdena / KE     = x5              NPC Buffer scheme
  • DropItem              = x5               Vote system online
    Spoil                     = x5                No quest for Subclass
  • Quest Drop            = x5               Daily auto Events 
    Quest Reward        = x3              GM Shop up to low S
  • GrandBossDrop     = x1               Achievements System
  • RaidBossDrop       = x1               Champions System
    Max Subclass            = 3            Ingaming DropCalculator
  • Max Level Sub           = 85          Full Auctioner System
    Max Clients                 = 4            Olympiad every 4 weeks
  • EnchantSafeMax        = +3          Buff Slot: 24 + 12 - 2h
  • EnchantSafeMaxFull    = +4         Inventory Slots 120
  • Max Enchant              = +16         Rebirth System
  • Max Enchant in Oly      = +6         Gift of Vitality
  • max skill enchant         = +30        Community ON + Panel.






  CPU: Intel core I7
  Cores/threads: 4/8t

  3,7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+
  Intel Smart Cache: 10 MB
  RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1600MHz
  Disks: 2x240GB SSD
  Network: 1 Gbps (Data center)
  Anti ddos protection



Enter in the World

Server Info:

Login Server:   Offline
Game Server:   Offline
TeamSpeak:   teamspeak.l2retail.com



Position Raid Boss



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